Modulshtein is an instrumental electronic music project from Estonia.

Modulshtein music whose trademark sound is a mix of IDM, future jazz, ambient and downtempo.

Modulshtein’s in solo version use only legendary Elektron samplers, analog Moog synths and Rhodes piano on a the stege. All samples was created by composer Aleksandr Zhedeljov, from his chamber and jazz projects.  Modulshtein have realised 4 LP albums. Project perform on Jazzkaar, Shaulai Jazz. Tallinn Music Week, Station Narva and many theatre and choreography performances.

MODULSHTEIN project was born in 2017. Mainly instrumental electronic music group from Estonia, consisting of classical clarinettist and virtuoso – Marten Altrov, the effect and sampling-boss – DJ Bandit and the composer, musician and producer – Aleksander Žedeljov (www.faershtein.com). 
MODULSHTEIN draws from IDM, future jazz, ambient and downtempo. Members of the band prefer to escape tagging their music with a specific genre and to think about it as a common language, which derives from improvisations in the studio capsulating their emotions into notes and rhythms.
Because of wide spectrum of genres, music of MODULSHTEIN can be interesting to jazz lovers, IDM listeners, seekers for experiments and everybody who just want to enjoy a good sound and to immerse yourself into a dialogue with the own inner world.
For one year of existence, the group has released one LP, took part in one of the biggest Estonian music festivals – Jazzkaar (2018), shared the stage with Jimi Tenor within Üle Heli (2018) music festival and collaborated with Playtech Estonia, doing experiments on creation  of music with neural networks (more info here). 
In August 2018 MODULSHTEIN performed on the stage of the Russian Theater “Tuleb/Ei tule” (eng. Will it be/ Will not it be), which is created in frames of the republic project dedicated to 100th Anniversary of the Estonia – «Sajandu lugu».

During the existence of the project, about 50 different Estonian artists took part in albums and concerts with modulstein


Hashtag on Instagram: #MODULSHTEIN